Texas family divided as sons compete against each other in Alamo Bowl

One son plays for Oregon, the other TCU

SAN ANTONIO – The Killpatrick family is excited to be in the Alamo City. Mike and Vonnesia are in from Houston to root for their sons in the 2016 Alamo Bowl. Meanwhile, grandma, Debbie Killpatrick, flew in from Alaska.

But it isn’t as simple as rooting for the team their sons play for.

The Killpatrick boys play for Oregon and TCU.

"Sean plays for Oregon, Sean Killpatrick, and Devin Killpatrick plays for TCU," said Debbie Killpatrick.    

Mike Killpatrick said he is biased towards his sons’ team. He just didn’t say which son, “You know what? I'm partial. I go with the Frog and I go with the O.  Either way I'm a winner," he said.

Sean Killpatrick is a freshman for the Ducks and big brother Devin Killpatrick is a senior for the Horned Frogs. Mom and dad say they wouldn’t be anywhere else this weekend.

"We've always watched every event. Whether it be small or large we've always watched everything that they've done and have been there for everything," said Vonnesia Killpatrick.

Both parents also take pride in how hard their children have worked, "Not being kids who were recruited.  You know just seeing what hard work does. That is our symbol as a family. You just work hard and let things fall where they may," said Mike Killpatrick.