Fight at Texas high school under investigation; video of fight going viral

Police officer breaks up fight between two girls at Sherman High School

Fight at Sherman High School/YouTube
Fight at Sherman High School/YouTube (Taniqua Hendrix/YouTube)

SHERMAN, Texas – A police officer who broke up a fight between two girls at Sherman High School is under investigation, and video of that fight is making its rounds on the Internet.

Cellphone video posted on YouTube by user Taniqua Hendrix shows two girls hitting each other. When a teacher is unable to break up the fight, Sgt. Kevin Garbacik steps in.

Garbacik is seen grabbing one of the girls and throwing her to the ground. Viewers could hear the girl's head hitting the floor hard as people react.

KTEN-TV got reaction from people in the community about the video.

"I don't think it should have went that far. He should have had some other way of bringing her down. I don't think it had to come to that," said Diana Evans.

While others criticize the officer's actions, some say he did the right thing.

"I just thought it was a normal take down. When you're fighting like that, you're not figuring out how. You just slam them down," said Jennifer Skinner.

According to KTEN, the officer is still on duty at another school.