Names released in Uvalde triple murder-suicide

Sheriff: Teen kills his mother, two neighbors, then himself

UVALDE COUNTY, Texas – The names of four people killed in a triple murder-suicide in Uvalde County were released Sunday.

According to family members and the Uvalde Leader News, killed were Dylan Westerburg, 19; his mother Jennifer Diane Jacqeus, 42; and their neighbors, Arthur Jerome Norton, 58 and Phinny Paul Norton, 60.

Uvalde County Sheriff Charlie Mendeke said Westerburg shot and killed Jacqeus and then fatally wounded the Nortons. Westerburg shot and killed himself.

The shootings happened Friday afternoon at a home southeast of Uvalde.

Uvalde County deputies joined with U.S. Border Patrol agents and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers outside a home for hours following the shootings.

Lawmen were not sure whether Westerburg was still alive inside, and the heavily armed officers were ready for any trouble.

Around 1 p.m. Saturday, the officers began leaving the scene, indicating the standoff was over.

Mendeke said that Westerburg killed himself Friday afternoon.

Karen Norton Behn told KSAT 12 News, that her older brother, Phinny Paul Norton, was having a romantic relationship with Jacques.

Behn said that her younger brother contacted police to report concerns about Westerberg.

"My younger brother called police about a week or 10 days ago and reported that the boy had a gun. I'm ready to go down there first of the week and see what's going on, see it for myself and try to make arrangements for my brothers' funerals."

Law enforcement officials have not said what the motive of the shootings was.

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