Spring Branch residents wake up to grapefruit-sized hail

Homeowners are left repairing damage, cleaning up debris

SPRING BRANCH, Texas – A rude awakening for some Spring Branch residents as predawn Saturday as Mother Nature once again dropped chunks of ice from the sky.

"I jumped out of my bedroom, ran, and woke up my daughter. We went to the living room and as soon as I did that the hail busted my bedroom window, busted my bathroom window, hit the roof. said homeowner Amy Chaskin. “It was golf ball to grapefruit sized hail that was coming down. It was horrendous."

Chaskin told KSAT12 News the chaos lasted almost half an hour.

"I mean we get flooded all the time, but we’ve never gotten hail like this. Never,” Chaskin said.

The hail started around 3 a.m. Saturday. Four hours later, the KSAT12 News crew found hail, some baseball sized pieces, still scattered on the ground.

Unfortunately for Chaskin and her neighbors, the hail damage was not limited to the house. Several cars were dented, windows were busted, and shattered glass was scattered all over. The estimated damages, Chaskin said, will be tough to swallow.

“If you don’t have hail insurance, I suggest getting it because we will have it from this point on because we don’t know where we are going to get $10,000 to fix all this."