Boerne PD issues warrant for alleged fake doctor

Real Dr. Hunter said fake doctor made a dangerous decision

BOERNE, Texas – Boerne police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Katinca Hunter. Police say Hunter is suspected of using another doctor’s medical credentials and to pose as a doctor in the Texas Hill County town.

Boerne police Lt. Steve Perez said Katinca Hunter's decision to practice medicine without a license will have some serious consequences.

"The charges that we're looking at and getting warrants on are for basically impersonating a doctor practicing without a license and also for prescription fraud," he said.

Katinca Hunter is alleged to have stolen the identity and DEA number of a Chicago-based pediatric surgeon who has a similar name. Dr. Catherine J. Hunter said the poser's actions are incredibly dangerous.  

"Although the drugs she was prescribing may have appeared benign, everything has complications.  She is a complete fraud,” Dr. Hunter said. “It does appear that she was preying on patients with end stage cancer diagnosis, a particularly vulnerable population."

Katinca Hunter had her degrees listed on her website which now appears to have been removed.  

Dr. Hunter said Katina Hunter's biography and qualifications are a mishmash of things that simply don't add up. “I doubt there would be any human on this planet that would have that particular array of degrees, because they don't necessarily go together. Nor are they possible to obtain within that time frame," she said.​​

Hunter said she hopes people in need of medical care will exercise caution.  That if something doesn't feel right it's OK to ask questions.

Perez is also asking if there are others who may have been treated by Katinca Hunter to please reach out to the Boerne Police Department. 

“If she's not a licensed physician the last thing we want is for her to be out there treating patients and then they end up getting hurt or sick or worse than what they may be when they go to see her," Perez said.