Medina County neighborhood hit hard by hail, strong wind

Storm left homes, cars with damage

MEDINA COUNTY, Texas – At least one neighborhood in Medina County, the Villa D’Alsace subdivision, took a costly hit from a fierce storm that swept through the area late Tuesday night.

Windows were smashed on homes and cars throughout the neighborhood located off County Road 4516, west of Castroville. The wind also split backyard trees in half and tore siding and gutters off homes, depositing them in the middle of the streets.

Rodney Carlson said when golf ball-sized hail began pelting his patio around 11:30 p.m., his wife started recording video.

"It's interesting trying to see it, but at the same time stay safe and stay away from windows,” Carlson said.

He described the storm as "a lot of banging and knocking on the windows and roof.”

Apparently some of that hail not only knocked, but barged in on his roof. Carlson said he had to grab some buckets to collect the rainwater that began seeping into his attic.

Meanwhile, his neighbor, Bill Holt, was upstairs inside own home, trying to protect his windows.

“We were really concerned about our back window. And that didn't turn out to be our problem,” Holt said. “Our upstairs window was damaged."

He was left with a hole nearly the size of the entire windowpane. The wind also split his backyard tree down the middle.

Just down the street, David Lamoureux lost an 8-year-old Monterrey Oak tree in his yard, and stripped his peach tree clean of its harvest -- 75 peaches. Hail broke out several windows on his home and shattered two tempered glass tables near his swimming pool.

What caught his attention most, though, was the damage done to his brand new trailer. All sides of it were left covered with small dents.

"It hadn't gone out yet. We were taking it out this weekend (for the first time),” Lamoureux said. “It's got a lot of damage."

Now instead of enjoying the open road, he, like his neighbors, will be spending the weekend talking to insurance adjusters.

There were no reports of any people or pets being injured. Holt said, based on that fact, he doesn’t mind the inconvenience.

"If this is the worst thing that happens today, I guess I'm OK,” Holt said.

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