Academy pulls AR-15 type assault rifles from display shelves

AR-15 type assault rifles placed in back of Academy

SAN ANTONIO – The type of rifle used in the Orlando massacre is being pulled off the display shelves at Academy Sports and Outdoors.

Academy is still selling the AR-15, but customers will not currently find them on display.

It's a decision many gun owners don't agree with, one that comes when many say they want to protect themselves.

Brock Wilkerson, owner of A Place To Shoot, says sales are up 35 percent and gun suppliers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for AR-15 type assault rifles.

"We have been busy for the last two or three years. It started to taper off and go back into normal mode this May. Unfortunately, this shooting kind of sent it back into the unusual pattern," said Wilkerson.

Wilkerson said Academy’s decision could send the wrong message to gun owners.

"I would think that if their pulling all the guns off the shelves that it would cause more of a chaos," Wilkerson said.

Jorge Garza, who was training to get his concealed handgun, does not believe the decision will hold up.

"I'm pretty sure that they'll kind of straighten it out and I'm sure they'll bring it back out," Garza said.

KSAT visited and made several calls to Academy to inquire about the AR-15 not being displayed, but have not heard back from company officials.

Store clerks tell KSAT they are not sure how long the guns will remain put away and out of the public’s eye.