SAFD crews fight fire on Northeast Side

Blaze happened in the 11000 block of Osgood Drive

SAN ANTONIO – A fire reignited at the same building where fire crews responded two weeks ago. Flames broke out around 3 p.m. Saturday in the 11000 block of Osgood Drive on the city’s East Side.

A spokesman said the old burned-out office structure was built in such a way that it created some resilient hiding spaces for stubborn hot spots to linger.

Demolition crews were working on the pile of rubble, trying to finish breaking it down, when the fire somehow reignited, sending huge plumes of smoke billowing into the air, San Antonio fire officials said.

Fire officials said no one was hurt in Saturday’s fire. And although it was a total loss the first time they fought the fire, they hope this is the last time they have to put out a fire in the same spot.

“The structure — the way it was constructed — the metal roof and masonry walls, when the roof collapsed during that original fire, the walls started coming in. It created a bunch of void space where the fires continued to burn,” said Joe Arrington, San Antonio Fire Department spokesman.

Officials said there are 55-gallon drums near the pile of rubble that are still popping off. They said they don’t know what’s inside of those drums, but they aren’t going to send the firefighters near them for safety reasons.