Jury deliberating punishment for man convicted in wife's shooting death

Lars Itzo faces probation or prison on manslaughter charge

SAN ANTONIO – Jurors on Friday deliberated punishment for a man convicted in the shooting death of his wife.

Lars Itzo was found guilty of manslaughter Thursday in the slaying of his wife, Debra Kelly.

Itzo, who was found not guilty on a murder charge, testified that he thought his wife was an intruder breaking into their North Side home the night of Oct. 10, 2015.

Prosecutors want prison time for Itzo, who could get a maximum of 20 years.

Anne Kelly, the victim's mother, was blunt when she told the jury neither probation nor prison time sits well with her.

"I personally would like to take a gun and shoot him," she said.

Itzo's attorney and family want probation.

"I understand where the Kellys are coming from. Everybody wants somebody to take responsibility for hurting their child, Kristi Itzo, the defendant's sister, said. "I would feel the same way. But putting someone else away just isn't going to make me feel better."

Jurors began deliberating punishment around 12:30 p.m. Friday.

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