Man assaulted, robbed during attempted rifle purchase, police say

Victim: 'It was a set-up'

SAN ANTONIO – An 18-year-old man said he was maced, beaten with a bat, shocked with a Taser, shot at and robbed when he tried to buy a rifle Sunday night at his Southwest Side home.

Juan DeHoyos said he thought he was buying a .22 caliber rifle from four men who pulled up uninvited to his parent's home around 11:30 p.m. in the 8300 block of Swift Eagle Drive.

"It was a set-up," DeHoyos said. "One went inside, the guy who was selling it, and three more snuck in."

DeHoyos said he looked at the rifle when the men attacked him and robbed him of $150.

"His [the gunowner's] friend maced me, so I pulled out the gun on them, and they all ran out," DeHoyos said.

DeHoyos said the men left with the money and the rifle, but that they weren't done.

The men drove back and forth on the street for 15 minutes, when they returned to the home.

"They kicked in my door, and they just started firing shots," DeHoyos said.

DeHoyos' said his father was home at the time, and his mother pulled up to the driveway when the gunfire rang out.

No one was hit by the gunfire, but televisions were broken and windows and a glass door were shattered, DeHoyos said.

The men drove off in an SUV, but police spotted the vehicle a couple of miles away near Old Pearsall Road and Southwest Military Drive, a police report said.

When officers tried to pull the vehicle over, the men made a run for it, the report said.

Police said they found three of the men in the woods and arrested them on a charge of aggravated robbery. One of the men remains at large, police said.

Numerous weapons were recovered at the footchase scene, police said.

DeHoyos was treated at his home for injuries not considered to be serious, police said.