SAPD: Gang shoots at rivals, kills innocent woman

1993 murder of Guadalupe Boston still unsolved

SAN ANTONIO – The suspected gang members who killed Guadalupe Boston have been on the run longer than she lived.

Boston, 21, went to a home on the 800 block of Alametos to see a friend on March 18, 1993. Her friend wasn't home, so Boston decided to leave.

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Her friend's brother and his friends were standing outside the home. A truck drove by, and someone inside it started shooting at the group. A bullet hit Boston in the head, killing her instantly. One man was shot in the leg.

Police said it appears a high-powered rifle was used in the crime.

"Although Guadalupe Boston had no connection to a gang, the people standing around her did," police said. "(They) were believed to be the intended targets."

SAPD's Cold Case Squad is still investigating the case. If you have any information, call 210-207-7635.