18 SAPD calls for violent crimes made to SE Side apartment complex since Jan. 1

KSAT pulls call numbers after shooting Thursday night at Spanish Spur apartment

SAN ANTONIO – One hundred and three police calls have been made to the Spanish Spur Apartment complex since Jan. 1. Eighteen of those calls were for violent activity. KSAT decided to look into the crime at the Southeast Side complex on Pecan Valley after a woman was shot in the back there late Thursday night.

"People got kids out here. Easily a bullet will come and go through the window. You never know," said a mother who lives at the complex with her kids and didn't want to reveal her identity.

She wasn't happy when she saw the list of police calls.

"I didn't even know it was that long," she said. "I'm just nervous."

The mother said she's nervous about the violence but also nervous to be identified, or seen on camera. KSAT spoke to seven residents, each one saying they feel like the crime has gotten worse. Still, they all refused to talk on camera for fear of being evicted.

However, after the shooting at the complex Thursday night, the mother felt she had to say something. 

"I was inside. I heard a lot of shots. It's a shame, because these people out here, they got kids out here. This should be a community for everybody to live and try to be safe and stuff, and (we're) not," she said.

Another person told KSAT that they believe drugs and prostitution are causing the violence.

In an effort to get the management's point of view, a call was made to the apartment complex. A manager who answered referred KSAT to Terravista Corp., the company that owns the complex. A call has to Terravista not been returned yet.

Neighbors at Spanish Spur hope for transparency and change in the coming months.

"For all the negative people to get out of here," the mother said.

Though the numbers at the complex are significant, the problems seem to be an area issue. KSAT crime-tracked the whole street of Pecan Valley since Jan. 1 and found at least six violent crimes, not including family violence. 

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