American Heart Association's Heart Healthy Month has students excited for fundraising

SAN ANTONIO – Students at John Glenn Elementary School at East Central Independent School District kicked off their big fundraising event for the American Heart Association, Heart Healthy Month, on Tuesday.

"I can help raise money so I can help other people get out of the hospital and have their own fun," said Leah Latham, a first-grader.

Latham said the money she raises will help researchers so “they can find medicine to help other people."

The American Heart Association is teaching children to help others through the fundraising.

"The kids love the program. They get really excited. They are empowered to help kids that are born with heart problems. We share that message with them," said Yvette White, the ‎American Heart Association’s youth market director for South Texas.

The organization shares prizes with the children as they reach fundraising goals. After two weeks, they will get a party that emphasizes on exercise, jump roping for hearts and hoops for hearts. 

During the kickoff presentation, cartoon animals known as the Zoo Crew spread a healthy message. The students learn that cigarettes, sugary drinks and too much salt is bad for the heart, and exercising 60 minutes a day and eating fruits and vegetables are good for the heart.

"It makes me so happy just to see them excited about PE every day," said Alexzandria Calderon, gym coach.

The children learn about how to have healthy heart from a young age.

"The younger they start to take care of their hearts, the stronger their hearts are go to be," White said.

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