Suspected dog thieves caught on camera; dog's foster pleading for her return

2-year-old rescue dog allegedly stolen during adoption event

SAN ANTONIOPause for Paws, a rescue group known for saving street dogs is looking for a 2-year-old Shih Tzu female that was allegedly stolen at one of their weekend adoption events at the PetSmart near 281 & Bitters.

“We’re all just re-grouping and thinking about what we can do to make it safer for the dogs,” Tonya Cummings, a volunteer who was there Saturday when Daisy the Shih Tzu was taken allegedly by two female suspects, said.

A spokesman for the San Antonio Police Department said property crimes detectives are reviewing surveillance tape that shows the two women with the dog.

The women had initially approached Toni Davison, Daisy’s foster mom, outside while the little dog was taking a bathroom break.

Davison said she let the older woman carry Daisy inside, directing her to where she could fill out an application and was told about the $200 adoption fee that helps cover the cost of their rescue efforts.

After asking the woman if she had any questions, Davison said she was told, “Oh, no, I’m good.” But Davison and Cummings said they and other volunteers were so busy wrapping up the event, loading up the other animals, they didn’t immediately realize Daisy and the women were gone.

“I asked another foster, ‘Where’s Daisy?’ It was heart-stopping,” Cummings said.

She said they hoped the woman was walking Daisy through the PetSmart, as potential pet owners are encouraged to do.

Cummings said another foster was "flying through the store,” looking for the eight pound dog.

Davison said they notified the store manager who showed them the surveillance tape. They said they saw the older woman carrying Daisy in her hands.

“She walked out the front door and then the younger lady less than 20-30 seconds later, comes running out the door behind her,” Davison said.

“It’s just heartbreaking to think that there are people who are doing good things and they’re being sabotaged,” Cummings said.

Davison said she was given Daisy to foster because of her experience with canine behavioral problems.

“You do create a bond. Our organization is foster-based. They’re in our homes. They become part of our family,” Davison said.

Cummings said she worries because Daisy is spayed like the other dogs they rescue, she could be tossed back on the streets because she cannot be bred for profit. But they found slight relief in the fact that Daisy has a chip implanted with her foster mom’s name.

They also are pleading with the women to return Daisy.

“Just take the dog to a vet, PetSmart, anywhere. Just leave the dog so we can get the dog back,” Cummings said.

Davison said, “If we get her back, then everything else we can deal with at a later date. We just want the dog safe and sound right now.”


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