What to do after you've been through a natural disaster

Contractor fraud common after natural disasters

SAN ANTONIO – Natural disasters are often followed by scams, and it can be confusing to start the process of putting your life back together.

SBP, a national nonprofit organization established after Hurricane Katrina as the St. Bernard Project, has compiled checklists and free guides to help survivors navigate their way through the process of disaster recovery.

Overpaying for services and contractor fraud are two of the most common scams that victims fall prey to.

Hurricane Irma reaches Category 5; what does that mean?

Victims can find financial assistance information for FEMA, the National Flood Insurance Program and the Small Business Administration here.

SBP can also help you navigate your homeowner’s insurance to help you repair or replace damaged property.

For a contractor fraud checklist click here. 

Don’t rush the process of remodeling and rebuilding your home after a natural disaster.

Knowing all the details about a contractor’s license and insurance is key to making sure you’ve got a bid that’s on the level.

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Mold is sometimes an unforeseen problem that many homeowners struggle with after flooding.

This guide serves as a base point for mold remediation -- do NOT spend thousands of dollars on mold remediation.