San Antonio's new area code goes into effect Saturday

'10-digit dialing' goes into effect Saturday


SAN ANTONIO – The Alamo City's iconic 210 area code is getting a little competition.

Growth in the San Antonio area has created a demand for more phone numbers than the 210 area code will allow, according to the Public Utilities Commission of Texas.

To alleviate some of that strain, the new 726 area code has been added and goes into effect on Saturday.

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Current residents will get to keep their 210 number. New customers will get a 210 or 726 area code.

10-digit dialing

San Antonio residents are currently in what's called an "optional dialing period," according to Terry Hadley, PUC director of communication.

Meaning you can dial just the seven digits of a phone number or the full 10 digits.

On Saturday, mandatory 10-digit dialing goes into effect.

That means callers must dial all 10 digits of a phone number -- including 210.

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If a caller just dials the main seven numbers, they will hear a recording saying that the caller must hang up and dial again.

But what about 726?

On Oct. 23, providers can issue the new numbers that have the 726 area code. Hadley said some 210 numbers will still be available.

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