Jordan Middle School student assaulted in school bathroom

Man accused of assaulting victim was at school to talk about his children

SAN ANTONIO – A 13-year old Jordan Middle School student was assaulted on campus Wednesday morning by a man who was at the school to talk to administrators about his children, district officials said.

The assault took place at about 7:30 a.m. once she was inside the building.

"The man pursued her into the women's restroom, and he pushed her shoulders and grabbed her face and slammed her head into the wall," said Dylan Patten, the victim’s father.

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The eighth-grade victim was taken to the nurse with a head injury but is expected to be OK.

Northside Independent School District officials said the suspect was on campus to talk to school administrators about his own children. They still aren't sure what caused him to assault the victim.

NISD police stopped the man he exited the restroom. He then asked to go to his car and drove away.

"All I care about is that my daughter is safe to come to school tomorrow and that every other kid is safe to come to school here every other day," Patten said.

NISD spokesman Barry Perez released the following statement about the incident.

“The incident that occurred at Jordan Middle School this morning is unacceptable and one that we will not tolerate. The Northside ISD Police Department has initiated a full investigation into the matter.  Appropriate action, including the potential filing of criminal charges, will be taken. The safety of students is our first priority.”

When caught, district officials said the man responsible could face assault with bodily injury charges.