Mysterious 'Satan fish' lurks deep below San Antonio, researchers say

Researchers looking for funding, permission to search for living Satan fish

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SAN ANTONIO – It's dubbed the Satan fish for a reason --  It's eyeless, has see-through skin and spends its life in complete darkness in the depths of the Edwards Aquifer.

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Scientists have not seen a living Widemouth Blindcat, also known as the Satan fish, since 1984. Now, researchers are trying to get permission and funding to search for the mysterious fish.

According to a release from The University of Texas at Austin's College of Natural Sciences, surveys in 2006 and 2010 failed to turn up even one living Devil fish.

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"Most San Antonio residents have no clue that these things live below them, I want to raise awareness and get a study going to see if there's something going on down there,"  Dean Hendrickson, curator of ichthyology at the UT Austin said.

If the study is approved and can secure funding, Hendrickson will work alongside Andy Gluesenkamp and Dante Fenolio, director and assistant director of conservation and research at the San Antonio Zoo.

Read more about the proposed study here.