Church sign warns 'we are not a gun-free zone'


OSWEGO, NEW YORK – The Lighthouse Mexico Church of God gets straight to the point with it's church sign: "Locked an (sic) loaded we are not a gun free zone."

Members of the New York church said the church's support for gun possession in church makes them feel safer in light of mass shootings that have occurred at places of worship across the nation.

"We have to take the precautions necessary so that we can come and still be able to glorify our God and be safe at the same time," one church member said.


Many members of the church said they believe if there were more armed people in the church, there would be fewer mass shootings at places of worship.

Last Sunday, a gunman opened fire on a congregation in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The gunman claimed the lives of 26 people before taking his own life. The gunman was chased down by an armed community member who returned fire on the gunman, striking him twice.

Members of the Lighthouse Mexico Church of God said an armed congregation would make the bad guys think twice.

While some may not agree with their stance on guns in church, church members said they're trying to be proactive in the event of an attack.