Ancient, rarely seen shark with 300 teeth found in ocean

Frilled shark found off coast of Portugal

(Image courtesy: IPMA)
(Image courtesy: IPMA)

PORTUGAL – Researchers have captured what they said is a shark from the dinosaur age off the coast of Portugal.

The rare Frilled shark was caught by a crew aboard a boat used for commercial fishing. It is seldom found alive or even seen. 

According to a Portugese TV station, scientists from Portugal's Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere called the shark a "living fossil" because its remains have dated back 80 million years.

The shark was measured at 5 feet in length and caught at a depth of 2,300 feet.

It has a snake-like body and gets its name from its arrangement of 300 teeth.

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Scientist believe the shark may capture prey by bending its body and lunging forward like a snake. 

The shark’s long, flexible jaws enable it to swallow prey whole, while its teeth trap and make it difficult for the prey to escape.

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