Strangers help man proposes to girlfriend during SA marathon

Man surprises girlfriend with marriage proposal

SAN ANTONIO – An Oklahoma man didn’t rush to the altar, but to the race track to propose to his girlfriend.

Toward the end of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on Sunday, Brian Picard asked his girlfriend, Catherine Pisano, to marry him.

The couple has known each other for years after meeting while working as country western dancers, but they began dating in April.

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An avid runner, Pisano had prepared to run in the race – which is also her birthday weekend – before the couple began dating.

Knowing she was the one, Picard got to thinking about the perfect time to pop the question. He flew in from Oklahoma City on Sunday morning to surprise Pisano.

Running with Pisano was her best friend, who was in on the proposal.

But as luck and technology would have it, the tracker stopped working around the 20-mile mark, leaving Picard guessing when Pisano would be approaching.

With the help of complete strangers holding his three signs that read “Hey Piscano” “Will you” “Marry me?” and countless other recording the special moment on their cellphones Picard patiently waited for his future bride to turn the corner.

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Piscano did not see the signs until her best friend told her to look up.

When she did, Picard was on one knee.

The video shows Pisano shocked before being embraced by Picard and then saying “yes” to his proposal.

The couple said they were thankful to the law enforcement officers who let Picard on the course and everyone who helped make the moment extra special and by Sunday night they were back on plane to Oklahoma City.