Texas bikers stand against bullying, escort girl to school after she was picked on


DALLAS (KTVT) – It's been a tough year for 12-year-old Alissa Wade, a Dallas middle schooler who was bullied by her peers.

Alessia Wade, Alissa's mother, has always told her daughter nothing stays the same forever and on Friday, that stood especially true for Alissa.

A convoy of bikers showed up at Alissa's home early Friday to escort her to school -- letting her and others know she's not alone.

"If we can bring awareness to bullying then that's going to change everything," Dallas police officer Lamar Glass III said.

The family contacted their community police officer who worked with school administrators and the non-profit, first stripe to make the escort possible.

"When they are walking home from school and pushing her in the street. she's been spit on," Aleesia said of the bullying her daughter has endured.

But Friday was different for Alissa, who said the band of bikers made her feel good and happy.

The rows of motorcyclists made a loud entrance to her middle school, reviving engines outside of the school.

"My hope for Alissa is that she realizes we support her and we continue to support her," her middle school principal Gerald Bennett said.

Though non-traditional, the loud and direct display undoubtedly called attention to bullying.

As for others going through what Alissa is going through, she says: "just know that it's going to be ok."

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