See photos of crazy nightmare-inducing fish from Barents Sea near Russia

Fisherman catches funny-looking fish in sea off coast of Russia

Fedortsov Twitter photos
Fedortsov Twitter photos

MURMANSK, Russia – Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov has been pulling crazy creatures out of the sea, and it’s the stuff of nightmares.

Fedortsov started tweeting photos of his crazy-looking catches earlier this year, and since then, his photos have garnered thousands of retweets. 

According to reporters with the Moscow Times, who translated some of the fisherman’s tweets, he’s pulled a macrourus fish, a shark and starfish out of the water among other things. 

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Fedortsov works on a fishing boat based out of Murmansk, in the extreme northwest part of Russia.

“No need to invent monsters, nature has already done it,” he captioned one of his Twitter photos.

See some of the pictures of the sea creatures he's found below:

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