$319,000 possibly stolen from St. Luke Catholic School, audit reveals

'Questionable financial transactions and irregularities' discovered

SAN ANTONIO – An investigation into missing funds at St. Luke Catholic School yielded evidence of a possible embezzlement plot amounting to $319,000, according to a release from the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

The archdiocese said it sought the risk audit after concerns regarding the school's finances arose. The audit found "questionable financial transactions and irregularities at the school for a several-year period."

Auditors turned over their findings to the White Collar Crime Unit of the Bexar County District Attorney's Office. The archdiocese said it will seek prosecution if the district attorney's office recommends charges in the case.

For now, the archdiocese’s insurance company will reimburse the school for the missing funds. However, the release said "restitution of missing funds are being sought." 

Since the discovery, the archdiocese has implemented new procedures and has hired new personnel at the school. 

The archdiocesan Department of Catholic Schools is working closely with St. Luke Catholic School in providing oversight of school operations.