People suspect retailers are locking up laundry detergent as result of new social media challenge

Walgreens, Walmart have locked up detergents in certain stores

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MILWAUKEE – Two major retailers in Milwaukee are locking up laundry detergent and people on social media suspect it's because of the new social media challenge - eating laundry pods.

Retailers haven't confirmed that the locks are due to the laundry detergent challenge.

The challenge started In March 2017 when College Humor posted a video of a man chowing down on a bowl of laundry pods before he is carted off into an ambulance, saying, "I don't regret it.” Read more on that here.

Online photos and videos of the challenge sometimes refer to laundry pods as the "forbidden fruit."

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Kayla Wichman snapped several photos of locked-up laundry detergent at Walgreens and Walmart in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, last Thursday.

Wichman's photos of the “forbidden fruit" have been shared on Facebook more than 80,000 times in just two days.

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Swallowing conventional detergent might result in mild stomach upset, but with highly concentrated detergent pods the ingestion can cause excessive vomiting, lethargy and gasping. In some reported cases, victims stopped breathing and required ventilation support, according to Consumer Reports.

There have been no reports of detergent being locked up in San Antonio at the time of this posting.

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