'Stop eating laundry detergent!': Texas donut shop sells edible Tide Pod donuts

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FRISCO, Texas – A Texas donut shop, inspired by a new social media craze called the Tide Pod challenge, created edible Tide Pod donuts.

Hurts Donut shop posted photos of their creation with a caption that urged people to stop eating laundry detergent.  The post said: "Laundry Detergent = Not Food. Donuts = Food. We will even fill them for you. With FOOD. Not laundry detergent."

As one can guess, the so-called "challenge" is dangerous. Tide Pods can cause vomiting, throat burns and eye injuries, among other issues, according to reports from CNN.

The growing popularity of the online trend prompted Tide to release a video clarifying the obvious -- Tide Pods should not be eaten.

One person responded to the video saying, "I just ate one. No joke I wanted to do the challenge, and I think I may have swallowed some. Who do I contact to ask what I should do?" Tide's Twitter team responded "Contact your physician or your local poison control center. Also, call us at 1-800-879-8433 so we can find out how you're doing. Thanks!"