Rise in flu leads to drop in blood donors

Who can donate to whom?

SAN ANTONIO – There are so many people sick with the flu and so many people taking care of their friends and family, the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center is seeing lower numbers than they had expected.

“What we are seeing this year for every 100 people scheduled to donate, we are only seeing 70 on certain days, 80 on others. Typically we see 90 percent, but now we are only seeing 70,” said Roger Ruiz of South Texas Blood and Tissue Center.

7-year-old boy with cancer, rare blood type, in desperate need of donors

Back-Up Solutions aren’t working

The center usually sees about 90 percent of the scheduled donors and picks up the rest with walk-ins, but the flu is impacting those numbers as well.

“We make that up with people walking in, heading to our buses that are out around south Texas and they donate, but that’s not happening right now,” said Ruiz.

How you can help

If you are healthy, the center is asking for donations. They cover 43 counties and serve more than 100 hospitals and clinics in the area.

"If you have a chance, have an hour, come in and donate a pint of blood. We need all blood types right now, especially O negative,” said Ruiz.

See an interactive infographic about blood types -- who can donate to whom and which blood types are most rare.
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If you are interested in donating you can find more information here.

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