Texas' most violent gang network threatens rapper over San Antonio show

SAN ANTONIO – A local bar has hired additional security for an upcoming concert after members of San Antonio's most violent gang network threatened one of the rappers scheduled to perform.

Members of Tango Orejon took to Facebook in a video on Sunday morning to tell rapper 6ix9ine he is banned from the city of San Antonio because of the New York rapper's 2015 use of a child in a sexual performance conviction. 

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The rapper was recorded groping a nude 13-year-old girl in February 2015 and pleaded guilty to a felony use of child in a sexual performance charge that was brought against him following the incident.

The men in the profanity-laced video said the rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, is not welcome in San Antonio for his Thursday performance at Bar 23 and that "penitentiary rules are in effect."

One of the men seen speaking in the video, Adam Rodriguez, told KSAT he is a member of Tango Orejon and that his message was on behalf of the gang as a whole.

"If you come to Bar 23 this week," Rodriguez started saying in the video before another person concluded his threat with "you're getting f****d up."

The video was taken down by Facebook hours after it was posted and shared more than 3,000 times. It has been reposted by other media sites, including World Star Hip-Hop.

Rodriguez said the gang took issue with the fact that 6ix9ine is profiting off of San Antonians and possibly negatively influencing local youth. He said he can't speak on what will happen to the rapper should he come to San Antonio and that "it's out of (his) hands." 

The video featured a group of men, some toting guns while covering their faces, sitting in the back of a truck bed. Rodriguez and another man were the only ones to speak for majority of the video. At the end of the video message, another man runs toward the camera with his gun shouting, "we're gonna pop you right in your f*****g face."

A member of Bar 23's management told KSAT that they have informed the rapper's managers of the threat and that he still intends on performing in San Antonio on Thursday. The Bar 23 representative said they are taking the threat seriously and have hired additional security for the concert.

A spokeswoman for the San Antonio Police Department said they are aware of the video and "will respond accordingly."

A report from the Texas Department of Public Safety listed the Tango Orejon clique, which is part of the Tango Blast gang network, as San Antonio's biggest threat. The report said Tango Blast is also the most active prison gang in Texas.

"Their rapid evolution, high level of criminal activity, propensity for violence, and relationships with Mexican cartels positions Tangos as the most significant gang threat to Texas," the report said.

Of the prisoners released during the 2015 fiscal year, 40 percent of them were members of Tango Blast and associated Tango cliques.