Guadalupe County couple killed in double shooting ID'd; family doctor charged

Robert Edward Fadal II shot victims in front of their children, police say

SEGUIN, Texas – A Seguin family physician is being held on $2 million bail Monday in connection with the shooting deaths of a couple.

According to officials with the Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office, Tiffany Leann Strait, 30, and her husband, Anthony Ray Strait, 27, were helping out the mother of Robert Edward Fadal II on Sunday when he suddenly turned a rifle on them in front of their children for "no apparent reason."

Fadal, 56, is charged with capital murder. 

The double shooting happened on Fadal's gated property, where his mother lives, deputies said.

Evidence indicates there were no signs of a dispute or a fight leading to the shooting, and no indication that anyone else was involved, deputies said.  

Investigators believe the victims were assisting Fadal's mother with the use of their truck just after 11:30 a.m. Sunday when Fadal walked out of a house with a rifle and opened fire.

Anthony Ray Strait died at the scene, and Tiffany Leann Strait wife died at a hospital.

"In cases like this, where we don't always understand the why of what goes on in our communities, it's a reminder that evil exists out there," said Lt. Craig Jones, of the Sheriff's Office.

Rudy Soto, a neighbor, said he heard six shots.

"I heard this voice ... 'Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!' Then I heard two more shots, and the voice stopped," Soto said.

Soto said he had known Anthony Ray Strait since he was a child and that Fadal is "one of the nicest persons (you could meet)." 

"It's just a big tragedy that happened, and I really don't know what's going to come out of it," Soto said.

The victims' children are with family members.

"I think everybody has an opinion, but as to the genuine source of why, I can't answer to that," Jones said. "The vigilance and diligence of good people to do the right thing and coming forward with information helps us to prevent stuff like this from happening in the future."