Organization provides bodyguard services to victims of domestic abuse

Bexar County also provides resources to victims

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SAN ANTONIO – A local organization is offering bodyguards to domestic violence victims in an effort to protect them from their abusers.

Fast Facts:

Angel Eyes Foundation was started by Amy Foster and her husband last year. They are working on acquiring their 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

Foster is a two-time domestic violence survivor. There were issues she dealt with as she was trying to get out of an abusive relationship, and now, she wants to help other victims.

Foster’s foundation contracts security companies to offer free bodyguard services to victims who feel their lives are at risk.

Foster said her foundation also works with friends or family of victims to help build a case for the victims and a plan to assist them from getting out of a relationship safely.


Below are questions asked by KSAT and responses from the district attorney’s office regarding domestic violence statistics in Bexar County:

KSAT: This year so far, how many domestic violence cases have been filed by the DA’s office?

Felony Level: 70 filed through January

Misdemeanor Level: 326 filed through January

KSAT: How many cases were filed in 2017?

Felony Level: 873

Misdemeanor Level: 4,651

KSAT: How many cases were closed/prosecuted/resolved in 2017?

Felony Level: 1,467


The Bexar County Family Justice Center, which is not associated with Angel Eyes Foundation, offers programs and services to victims of domestic violence. Click here for more information.

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