Family's Easter karaoke session goes viral

Family members in singalong sound like Broadway pros

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FRUIT HEIGHTS, UTAH – If you can't carry a tune, you may feel left out at LeBaron family gatherings. That's because when the family gets together, they sing. And we mean SING. A recent Facebook post of their Easter Sunday karaoke rendition of "One More Day" from Les Miserables sounds like a Broadway revival. It was posted on Monday and has well over a million views.

In fact, the family is getting so much media coverage, they've had to write up a press release to give everyone the backstory.

Dennis and Gerald LeBaron say it all started years ago, before the days of Instagram or YouTube. Gerald was playing the piano and noticed his two-year daughter "sang unusually well for a small child."

As their family grew, so did their family singalongs. 

"Singing was almost a daily affair," the family said, adding that it became "the glue that held our family together during the tough times."

In 2002, their daughter Hollie passed away. In 2003, their youngest child was diagnosed with autism. But the LeBarons say they came together through their challenges and grew stronger. They've also grown in number. Three of the children have married and have children of their own, and they all get together for holidays and Sunday night singing sessions.

While several of the LeBaron children studied music and performance in college, none have made a career out of it -- yet.

"None of us sing professionally, but a few of us aspire!" Jordon LeBaron said

With all the attention their Sunday-night singalong video has received, the family wouldn't mind if it opened the doors to some paid gigs. They've launched a family Facebook page and a YouTube account, and who knows -- perhaps the now-viral video will launch a professional career.

Watch the performance here:

Anyone looking to do Les Miserables for their next show? Better yet...anyone looking for an entire cast? This is "One Day More." For casting, please see below: Valjean: Jayson LeBaron Marius: Jordon LeBaron Cosette: Angela Garrett LeBaron Eponine: Karina LeBaron Enjolras: Juston LeBaron Madame Thenardier: Heidi LeBaron Garn Thenardier: Gerald J LeBaron, Spencer Garn Javert: Landon LeBaron Ghost of Fantine: Kaitlyn Hipwell I love Sunday nights with the fam! ...and we will have more! Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel: For more info about us, check out our new website: Become a patron! @ Thanks for watching!

Posted by Jordon LeBaron on Monday, April 2, 2018

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