Tejano star Eddie Gonzalez arrested on same day of scheduled performance

Gonzalez, 42, arrested on contempt of court charge by BCSO deputies Thursday

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SAN ANTONIO – Tejano star Eddie Gonzalez was arrested by Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputies Thursday night on a contempt of court charge.

The well-known singer remained in BCSO custody Friday evening.

His attorney said a $5,000 cash bond had been posted and that Gonzalez was in the process of being released.

According to records from the Texas attorney general's office, Gonzalez owes over $68,000 in back child support and medical support to two women.

One woman who has three kids with Gonzales is owed $42,137, according to state records.

The other woman, who has an 18-year-old child with Gonzalez, is owed $26,210.

A warrant was issued for Gonzalez in January, after he failed to show up for a court appearance in one of the cases, District Clerk records confirm.

Gonzalez's attorney said in court Friday that his client was unaware of the warrant because a different person was served.

While BCSO deputies brought him into Civil Presiding Court on Friday, Gonzalez responded to KSAT's Dillon Collier question about his child support debt.

"Yeah, they (the women) don't let me see my kids. They know the truth," Gonzalez said.  

Gonzalez, nicknamed “The Dancing Cowboy,” had recently performed last month in San Antonio for the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair at the Historic Market Square.

According to the event’s website and Facebook page, Gonzalez, 42, was scheduled to perform Thursday at the “Tejano Explosion” music festival, which was the same day of his arrest.

Eddie Gonzalez, mugshot from 05/2014

Gonzalez's attorney said via telephone Friday that he and Gonzalez believed they had a deal worked with the attorney general's office lifting the warrants in exchange for a payment arrangement.

Prosecutors charged Gonzalez on contempt of court, a class A misdemeanor charge.

Gonzalez's attorney acknowledged in court during a hearing Friday afternoon that his client has "one of the worst pay histories I've ever seen."

Judge Norma Gonzales denied a request from Gonzalez's attorney to reduce his bond so that he could perform at "Tejano Explosion" on Friday, in Waco on Saturday and back in San Antonio on Sunday.

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Gonzalez's manager, who testified that he lives with Gonzalez in an apartment in the Medical Center, said he would bring the proceeds from the concerts to Gonzalez's next court appearance.

The mother of one of Gonzalez's children objected to the bond reduction request, claiming that Gonzalez in the past has made "a mockery of the court" when allowed to make a similar arrangements.

Gonzalez's attorney released the following statement to KSAT.com: 

We are sending out this formal statement and comment on the arrest of Mr. Gonzales at approximately 9:30 p.m. last night from the Tejano Explosion event in San Antonio, Texas.

Mr. Gonzales is currently involved with the litigation relating to past due child support payments. Mr. Gonzales, for many years, was under the impression that his prior management company had been making payments for his royalties for his child support. Unfortunately this did not occur and a very large arrearage has developed that is owed to his former wife and his former girlfriend.

Yesterday morning we believed that we had an agreement for a payment arrangements with the Texas Attorney General's office to begin to pay off the arrears and support. We also believe that as part of the negotiations that the warrants were lifted. Mr. Gonzales appeared at the Tejano Explosion believing that he had situation resolved. 

After his arrest, a hearing was had this afternoon in which we successfully negotiated Mr. Gonzales' release in return for a large child support payment. Mr. Gonzales wants his fans to know that he was not running from issue and was attempting to resolve this issue when his arrest occurred. He would further like to apologize to his fans and the promoters for what occurred last night and to let everyone know that he plans to make up for his cancellation. 

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