Deodorant challenge leaves chemical burns on girls arm


YATE, England – The deodorant challenge involves someone spraying deodorant onto bare skin for as long as possible.

One U.K. mom is posting about her daughter's experience with the deodorant challenge in hopes it stops other people from participating.

Jamie Prescott shared several photos of her daughter's arm, which clearly show severe, secondary burns as a result of the deodorant challenge.

"For any parents who have children, please, please sit them down and show them these pictures,” Prescott wrote on Facebook.

Her post has gone viral with more than 5,300 shares.

WARNING: The photos below contain graphic content that some people may find disturbing.

I seldom rarely do this, but on this occasion, I would like this post spread wide and far.....For any parents who have...

Posted by Jamie Prescott on Friday, May 4, 2018

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