SAWS offers online tool to reduce usage, bills

WaterSmart provides customers feedback, customized comparisons

SAN ANTONIO – The heat is on and so are efforts to conserve water.

“I try to conserve water. I don’t just sit in a big tub of water – common sense," Dolores Miller, a North Side resident said.

Miller is all for saving water and has the low bills to prove it. Now to help others avoid summertime sticker shock, San Antonio Water System, or SAWS, is offering a new, free online tool called WaterSmart.

“Customers can go in and see a really good comparison of their accounts and what their water use is compared to others in San Antonio,” a SAWS spokeswoman said.

The data is customized, taking into account information such as yard size, the number of toilets, number of residents and type of washing machine in a home.

Residents can view charts showing past usage and estimated future usage.

Meters are still read once a month and reports follow. Residents can sign up for alerts to find out a few days ahead of the bill about any unusual water usage.

Recommendations are also suggested such as mulching landscaping or checking shower heads.

“Once people have information tools ready and available at their fingertips, we’ve seen a really good response in reducing water use,” Hayden said.

Initial signup is limited and continues through May. Residents can sign up for free at www.saws.org/homereport.

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