Airborne crash sends driver to hospital with life-threatening injuries

Police investigating what caused driver to crash

SAN ANTONIO – A driver was taken to University Hospital with life-threatening injuries after losing control of his SUV while traveling on Highway 90, near 410, on Saturday.

Police said the driver was westbound on a Highway 90 overpass when he crashed through a guardrail, became airborne and slammed into a concrete pillar beneath the overpass.

Authorities said the SUV flew over the banking and a concrete barrier and crashed into a pillar that supports the overpass, flipping over.

Ernest Chavira, a witness, said he saw the car "fly off of 90," and that the sight "scared (him) to death."

"I just saw him fly off of 90, from up there, and hit that guardrail," Chavira said.

Chavira said that several people stopped to render aid to the man and that the driver kept saying, "the baby, the baby." First responders looked for other possible victims, but only saw the man.

Chavira said the man appeared to be foaming at the mouth when witnesses pulled him out of the car.

Police said the man was stabilized at University Hospital, but remains in critical condition.

It's unclear what caused the man to lose control of the SUV.