Viral video: SA high school grad backflips on stage during NISD ceremony

Taft HS grad's daredevil act in front of thousands at Alamodome goes viral

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SAN ANTONIO – A local high school grad’s daredevil act is going viral on social media after thousands of people witnessed the unexpected at a Northside Independent School District graduation ceremony.

During Taft High School’s graduation ceremony Tuesday, Jason Seecharan had an idea in mind that would leave many in attendance shocked: Do a backflip on stage.

“Since this was the last day of high school life, I wanted to end it with one more good memory,” Seecharan told “Even though it meant getting escorted out early and receiving my diploma later, it was totally worth it.”

In a video shared on Twitter, Seecharan’s name is heard over the Alamodome’s intercom when all of sudden he does a backflip.

The daredevil act received gasps and cheers from attendees in the Alamodome as Seecharan waves to the crowd.

As he walked across the stage, Seecharan was seen being escorted off and did not return to his seat.

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Seecharan told that his backflip cost him receiving his diploma and that an administrator said, “Good job, you’re not going to get your diploma for a very long time.”

“I knew the ceremony was going to be boring, so I had to lighten up the mood,” Seecharan said.

According to NISD's handbook policy, "Students who raise their hands above their waists for any reasons other than receiving the diplomas or shaking hands may be removed from the graduation ceremony."

Seecharan told that even though he was unable to experience the full graduation ceremony, he doesn’t regret in what would be a lifelong memory.

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When asked what his mom thought of his act, Seecharan said she was irritated, but that she and the rest of his family were still proud of his achievement.

The tweets showing two separate videos of Seecharan have received over 700 retweets and more than 2,000 likes since sharing on Tuesday.

Seecharan said he next plans to attend college to receive a bachelor’s degree in business and then join the United States Air Force as an officer.


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