VIDEO: Man saves baby deer that fell into his pool

Fawn rescued as worried mother looks on

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AUGUSTA, Kansas – Diana and Walter Burress got quite the surprise Wednesday morning when they noticed a worried-looking deer by the pool in their backyard near Augusta, Kansas.

The Burress family live in the country on a farmstead that’s been in the family for 100 years and they had a pool installed in 2002.

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"Wildlife is pretty commonplace out our house, deer usually don't get that close though, but we see turkeys, armadillos, coyotes and raccoons,” Diana said.

Diana told KSAT this is the first incident they’ve had since installing the pool.

Watch the video below:

Had an early morning rescue from the pool this morning.

Posted by Diana Burress on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"Walter looked out the window and saw a deer so close to the pool, and then we realized its baby was in the pool and immediately reacted,” Diana said.

As it turns out, Wednesday was also Diana’s birthday, and she said it was “an exciting way to start the day!”

Good save, Walter!

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