President Trump’s proposed FART Act mocked on Twitter for name oversight

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SAN ANTONIO – Axios reported Monday that the Trump administration is looking to possibly abandon World Trade Organization rules and implement a Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act.

The drafted bill, "essentially provides Trump a license to raise U.S. tariffs at will, without congressional consent,” according to the Axios website.

But the big reason people are trolling the bill on Twitter is the unfortunate acronym which has led people to refer to the bill as the FART Act.

President Donald Trump hasn’t addressed the FART Act controversy as of this publication but he did tweet Tuesday morning, saying, "The economy is doing perhaps better than ever before, and that’s prior to fixing some of the worst and most unfair Trade Deals ever made by any country. In any event, they are coming along very well. Most countries agree that they must be changed, but nobody ever asked!”

See tweets about the FART Act below:

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