Texas man dies in rental scooter accident

Lime scooter found broken in half

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DALLAS – Family of Jacoby Stoneking, 24, suspect foul play after his death Saturday in Dallas.

Stoneking was riding a Lime rental scooter at 4 a.m. Saturday on Munger Boulevard when he fell off and called his friend Kenneth Moore, according to Fox 4 in Dallas.

Moore told Fox 4 that Stoneking called him after the accident and asked him to order a Lyft ride for him.

The driver of the Lyft found Stoneking unresponsive upon arrival.

“I asked him, I said, ‘Did you hit anything else, did you hit your head, you hurt anything else?’ He says, ‘No, just my foot,’ and I could tell he was mad so I just got him a ride as fast as I could,” Moore said to Fox 4.

Stoneking had scrapes and bruises following the accident and was taken to Baylor University Medical Center to get checked out but his family thinks something is amiss.

Lime is cooperating with the investigation and an autopsy is being conducted by the Dallas medical examiner. 

Stoneking’s father said the injuries don’t match up with the police report which states a Lime scooter was found broken in half at the scene but there was no other debris.

Electric scooters have been gaining popularity this summer with Lime, Bird and Blue Duck available in San Antonio.

Wearing a helmet is not a requirement for renting the scooters but it’s suggested.

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