'Go Vote No' campaign opposes fire union-backed charter propositions

Mayor Nirenberg: 'It's going to cost money'


SAN ANTONIO – The fight over three controversial proposed changes to the city charter heated up Saturday with a kick-off rally for the "Go Vote No,” opposition campaign.

The rally was hosted by the political action committee Secure San Antonio's Future, and attended by several current and former city leaders, including Mayor Ron Nirenberg, who are against three fire union-backed proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot.

The proposed changes to the city’s charter would make it easier to get referendum votes onto the ballot, allow the fire union to call for binding arbitration in contract negotiations and limit the city manager's pay and term of service.

"All three of them are designed to create gridlock in city management, in city government so that special interests can force themselves into the decision making and it's wrong," Nirenberg said. "It's going to cost money. It's going to raise taxes, and it will lower the services that citizens need and expect."

Reached by phone, fire union president Chris Steele said he doesn't think the opposition campaign will resonate.

"What we know, and what we have seen is that the vast majority of the community wants the people to decide," Steele said.

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