Man born without penis has 10-day erection following bionic phallus implant

Matthew Pover - The Sun
Matthew Pover - The Sun

MANCHESTER, England – Englishman Andrew Wardle, 45, is finally celebrating following a procedure that gave him a bionic penis.

Wardle was born without a penis -- a 1-in-20 million birth abnormality.

Doctors created the bionic penis using skin from Wardle’s arm and nerves from his legs before attaching it during a 10-hour procedure in June, according The Sun.

Wardle suffered through a painful, 10-day erection following the surgery and was told he had to wait six weeks before having sex -- something he’d never been able to do prior to the procedure.

The implant is made up of a saline reservoir that attaches to a pump and release valve inside Wardle’s scrotum, The Sun reported. 

Wardle and his girlfriend are reportedly both pleased with the result of the phalloplasty and are hoping to have children next.

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