Dignowity Hill resident: Hays Street Bridge 'adds character to neighborhood'

Texas Supreme Court hears arguments over battle involving city, group

SAN ANTONIO – For six years, the Hays Street Restoration group has been in a legal battle with the city of San Antonio over the legality of the city selling the lot in front of the historic bridge.

The restoration group claims the city illegally sold the lot to a developer who plans to build an apartment complex near the Hays Street Bridge. 

The group took its legal battle Thursday to the Texas Supreme Court.

The group claims the city violated its contract by selling the lot at 803 North Cherry Street to a developer instead of building a park that the group believes will not obstruct the view of the historic bridge.

But city attorneys argued in court Friday that the park was never part of the original contract with the group.

Lauren Bartholomew moved to the Dignowity Hill neighborhood two years ago and loves seeing the structure from where she lives two blocks away.

Bartholomew said she supports the development of the neighborhood and won't mind a building in the lot, as long as the developer is able to compromise with the group's request not to block the view of the bridge.

"I think the development is good. I think the high-rise is not bad. But why can't they design it to not block the bridge?" she said. 

Amanda Chavara, who works next to the bridge, said she enjoys her daily breaks by walking the bridge and would hate to see its view blocked. 

"For them to build something that is going to obstruct the view. That is the whole purpose, from my understanding, (that's) what the bridge is for -- the views. Without that, what good is the bridge?" Chavara said.

Theresa Barras moved into the neighborhood in June and was excited when she discovered she could walk to the bridge. 

Barras said she would hate to have its view blocked. 

"I definitely feel like the bridge adds some character to the neighborhood and I enjoy looking at it and using it," Barros said. "I wouldn't want to see anything disrupt that."

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