City officials to crack down on traffic violations along Southwest Military Drive

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police and city officials want drivers and pedestrians to be more vigilant while on busy roadways such as Southwest Military Drive.

Fast Facts:

  • Since Jan. 1, there have been 16 traffic-related situations at the intersection of Southwest Military and South Flores Street.
  • This time last year, there were 30 pedestrian fatalities for 2017.
  • As of Thursday, police have already responded to 41 pedestrian fatalities this year.
  • Police said several speeders make the roadway dangerous, including those who drag race.
  • Police said several people not properly using the crosswalk has also made the roadway dangerous.
  • City officials are exploring ways to ensure people are following the law. 

“What (Transportation and Capital Improvements) will do is go out and do an investigation of that whole intersection to see if there are any gaps or anything,” said Rebecca Viagran, District 3 councilwoman. “(Crews will) see if we should have more lights. Should we put something else up there? We are just going to do everything we can in our power to make sure people are following the rules.

“We have sent officers in those areas to crack down on traffic violations, but because of a grant that we are getting, we will be able to send more resources and more officers in that area to make sure people are following the law. They will issue citations not only to drivers but to pedestrians who do not use the crosswalk correctly. It is not a punishment. It is just a way to raise awareness about a dangerous situation that is on Military Drive.”

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