More than 100 people evacuated after medical lab catches fire at KCI

SAN ANTONIO – More than 100 people were evacuated from a KCI building Tuesday afternoon after a fire broke out at the medical lab.

The fire happened around 12:30 p.m. in the 6200 block of Farinon Drive near De Zavala Road and I-10.

When crews arrived, they had to use extreme caution because they initially did not know what type of chemical with which they were dealing. Hazmat was called to the scene as a precaution.

The chemical was later identified to be Dermisol, and crews were cleared to put out the fire.

“What we found was a small fire that was electrical in nature and went into a fume hood. It caused a little bit of a reaction with this chemical, and that's what caused all the alarms to go off and the evacuation process began,” said Woody Woodward, with the San Antonio Fire Department.

Nobody was hurt, and damage to the building was minimal.

A total of 13 units responded to the scene.