Depression? Loneliness? Limit your social media use, study says


SAN ANTONIO – Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have found that limiting social media to approximately 30 minutes per day could lead to significant improvement in personal well-being.

A group of 143 undergraduate students were assigned to two groups and their social media habits were studied over three weeks.

The first group was limited to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for 10 minutes per day, per social platform.

The second group was allowed to use social media as usual.

While the study strongly suggested limited use led to significant improvement in well-being, the researchers found that the students who were allowed to use social media at-will showed improvement from self-monitoring.

The students who participated in the study were all enrolled in psychology courses and were able to earn course credit for their participation.

Participants were required to have a Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts and own an iPhone.

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