Should condoms be tax-exempt? San Antonio group applauds state lawmaker's efforts

'We could eliminate diseases,' Beat AIDS leader says


SAN ANTONIO – A state lawmaker wants to make condoms tax-exempt.

Is the idea crazy, or does it make perfect sense? Some members of the San Antonio community are applauding the lawmaker's efforts.

Certain drugs and medicines are already tax-exempt.

Leaders with the group Beat AIDS said they distribute more than 20,000 condoms for free each year. Helping people have access to free condoms, or being able to purchase them at a lower price, could make the community healthier, group leaders said.

"Individuals could get access to safer practices and perhaps it could be an incentive to go and get condoms and purchase them and use them," said Michele Durham, with Beat AIDS San Antonio. "And, in the long term, think about it for generations to come. We could eliminate diseases."

Condom prices range from about $7 to $20.

Another bill seeks to make feminine hygiene products also tax-exempt.

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