How CPS Energy is helping customers affected by government shutdown

CPS Energy offers programs to customers

SAN ANTONIO – CPS Energy is reminding customers who are being affected by the government shutdown that help is available if they are struggling with their energy bills.

"We want to be considerate of the situation and the stresses you may be going through," said CPS Energy spokesman John Moreno.

The shutdown and fight over President Donald Trump's border wall is now on day 19, with about 800,000 employees expected to miss their first paychecks of 2019.

Moreno said CPS Energy wants to lessen the burden for those worried about how to pay off their electricity bill.

While the list of programs varies, Moreno said customers' circumstances and needs will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

"We got some assistance programs. There are also some programs available through community services through Bexar County," Moreno said.

"Programs that we offer, our budget payment, where they can kind of balance out their budget and pay a certain (amount) a month versus what the actual bill is, so we spread those payments out," he said.

CPS Energy said it will keep a close eye on day-to-day developments but encourages those in need to visit cpsenergy.com or call the company by phone at 210-353-2222.