Man convicted of disorderly conduct against police officers

Jesus Padilla has history of interfering with duties of officers


SAN ANTONIO – Jesus Padilla was found guilty of disorderly conduct against three San Antonio police officers on Tuesday.
Padilla received an undisclosed maximum fine and was ordered to pay court costs.

Padilla is a member of the First Amendment Auditors, a group that uses confrontational recordings of police officers to disrupt their routine duties.

The criminal cases filed against the Padilla arose from an incident at a police station in which the defendant chased after, jostled and shouted insults at officers on duty, all of which constituted crimes of disorderly conduct.

Padilla recorded his criminal actions and later posted it on the internet.

Padilla’s history includes interfering with the duties of police officers, shouting abusive defamatory slogans calculated to incite violence and creating scenes designed to waste public resources and time.