Family wants gunman who killed mother, daughter, infant to face death penalty

'My pain is triple to one of them,' Malinda Quiroz said

SAN ANTONIO – After a mother, daughter and granddaughter’s deaths following a shooting Tuesday, family members hope the shooter gets the death penalty.

Janette Quiroz, 37, and her daughter Bernadett Quiroz, 18, were standing next to an SUV at the Rosemont at University Park apartments in the 100 block of Emerald Ash Tuesday night when a juvenile male opened fire, San Antonio Police said. Police have not announced any arrests in the case or any possible motive.

Janette Quiroz died at the scene, but Bernadett, who a family member said was seven months pregnant, was brought to San Antonio Military Medical Center where she later died.

Bernadett’s daughter, Tabitha Bernadette Quiroz, was delivered by c-section before Bernadett died, said her grandmother, Malinda Quiroz.

However, the Quiroz matriarch said Tabitha was brain dead and had “a leakage on her tummy, a leakage in her brain, and again, she didn’t have no signs of life.” 

So she made the difficult decision to take the infant off life support.

“Even though I would have liked for her to be here with us, but unfortunately, I didn’t want her to suffer," Malinda Quiroz said. "So I made that decision. And all I can say is she went with her mom because she was dead by the time they got her to the hospital, too. She was brain dead. So I'm saying she died with her mommy. And the only thing that consoles me is that ‘OK, well this happened. So I have to return her back to her mommy.’”

So on Friday night at just three days old, Tabitha Quiroz also died.

“When I found out that she was not going to make it, it tore me a lot. Because then I won’t have anything left of my sister besides memories,” said Bernadett’s older brother, Damian Quiroz.

It has been an emotional few days for the family, and both Damian and Malinda Quiroz said they want the shooter to face the death penalty when they are caught.

“I feel like, we’re in Texas. So I want them to get the full punishment. I don’t care how old you are, or how young you are, you deserve the death punishment,” said Damian Quiroz.

“My pain is triple to one of them,” Malinda Quiroz said.​

About the Authors:

Garrett Brnger is a reporter with KSAT 12.