Customer remembers 2001 double murder in Chinese restaurant

South Texas Crime Stories: Man, first on the scene, speaks about double murder

Several weeks ago we featured this crime story and now we have a follow-up. A customer who was the first at the scene speaks to KSAT 12 for the first time. 

SAN ANTONIO – On April 23, 2001 a horrible murder took place at the Asian Garden restaurant located at 8015 Bandera Road.

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The owners, Shaoxiong and May He were killed in front of their 6-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. 
A friend and customer who worked in the same shopping center was the first on the scene after hearing screams. 

Below is a video of Alex De Hoyos talking about that tragic day and what he would say to those kids today.

Alex De Hoyos was first on the scene of a double murder back in 2001. For the first time he speaks about that day.

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